Paintings from the Indian subcontinent can feed many appetites. They can be bold and colorful or delicate and subtle. They are varied in nature, from landscapes to figures; watercolors to oils and acrylics. The artists presented here are all young, talented and affordable, and would make any collector, whether starting or seasoned, proud.

I was born in Mumbai, India, and have lived most of my life away from India in countries such as the U.A.E, Canada and the U.S. Traveling widely has exposed me not only to different cultures but to varied forms of art expression. This nascent interest was furthered and enriched by a grandmother and aunt who both paint and by my parents, who appreciate and collect. In the past few years, I have become so enamored of some of the new talent coming out of India, that I was driven to start Rang Art (“Rang” means color in Hindi) in 2002. In a small way, I represent some of their paintings here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I hope this endeavor grows, and that more people can share in the wealth and talent of such art. As you will notice if you read on, some of these artists are so new, there is only moderate information available about them and their backgrounds. I am also proud to represent, at the same time, some of India’s leading names in art, who are valued and respected across the globe.

Bindiya Khanna
ang Art
1421 Brookmill Road
Los Altos, CA 94024
650 305 0208

Rang Art presents "Vision 2004"

Opening reception Thursday March 18, 6-9pm

855 Sansome Street (at Broadway)

San Francisco, CA 94111

Open Sat Mar 20, Sun Mar 21, 12-6pm

Then by appointment till May 31st

The art show encompasses a huge spectrum of talent, color, subject matter and versatility available for all audiences to enjoy; the artists and their paintings that follow are but a small sample of “Vision”.

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